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Libs Digital Assets Tag
  • IC - NXP ICode SLIX
  • Standards - ISO 18000-3, ISO 15693.
  • Frequency - HF13.56 MHz.
  • User Memory - 1024bit / 32 blocks.
  • Read/Write Cycle - 100,000.
  • Data retention – Minimum 50 years at temperature < 55 °C or 131 °F
  • Storage temperature - -15 °C to 55 °C / 5 °F to 131 °F
  • Security means: EAS and AFI
  • Diemnsions: W: 36mm [1.42“] H: 29mm [1.14”] D: 10.5mm [0.41”]
Product Descriptions
  • TF100 tag is designed for valuable digital assets such as laptops, tablets, book readers, projectors and etc.
  • The functionality, size and the visibility of TF100 along with a properly tuned and functioning security gate will put potential thieves on notice that a secure means of detection is guarding the digital asset item.
  • The tag is designed to work with standard HF RFID security gates and desktop readers.
  • The tag works on both metallic and nonmetallic surfaces.
  • Intelletto provides number of tested adhesive packages for attaching the Digital Asset Tag to tablets and laptop computers.