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ChieKoo Bell
  • ChieKoo Bell is a button that alerts you on your cell phone.
  • If used as Doorbell, it turn your smart phone and tablet into a chime.
  • IFTTT Compatibility allows endless actions to be triggered with the push of a Chiekoo Bell Button.
  • Long vibration pattern for effective alerting.
  • Only alerts the users who have the needed application running on compatible handheld devices
  • The broadcast packet contains trigger information and battery capacity.
  • The range of receiving these alerts can vary depending on the environment but it can go up to 250 meters in an open area.
  • The alerts can be received by multiple users as long as they are authorized by the owner of the ChieKoo Bell.

Chiekoo Bell

ChieKoo Bell is a low energy device to notify you through your smartphone. An innovating way to broadcast alerts when it’s activated. Once a ChieKoo Alert is received by your smartphone or tablet, an app designed for the ChieKoo alerts will notify you. Users who are in range of ChieKoo Bell and have a compatible App installed can accept or dismiss this alert. Once an alert is accepted by one user, other followers or subscribers can be notified through a push notification.